Welcome to Xtreme Tint

Based in Whittier, CA, Xtreme Tint is the spot where quality window tinting and customizing autos matters. Whether it is your luxury car, SUV, home or office, we offer lifetime tinting manufacturer warranties and provide "factory like" installation from professionals that have been in the tinting and auto accessories business for more than 10 years. Our state of the art facility features 100's of auto accessories in stock. If its not in stock we can custom order it within 7 business days. From custom painted wheels to a dash board cover, we carry many auto accessories available for you. With comfortable seating while you wait, we provide a plasma T.V. with lots of movies, coffee, and a very clean environment while making your stay at Xtreme Tint worth waiting for your vehicle.

Featured Rides

1963 Chevy Impala "Hustler"

Multi-colored vinyl images are used in conjunction with hand cut Tint designs, several layers of tint to bring the windows to life to beautifully compliment the "hustler's" exquisitely detailed paint job.

2012 Porche Panamera

The 3M Crystalline line offers amazing clarity and even enhances visibility at night. 70% 3M Crystalline applied to protect dashboard and control area. 40% 3M Crystalline applied to sides and rear to give an authentic factory look with superior heat rejection.

2000 Honda Civic

Hand cut, multi-layered Tribal spider web designs done in a Gossamer white and a holographic yellow combined with one of a kind "Black Widow" spiders in solarguard limo black give this Honda Civic a distinct "less is more" look that stands apart from other similar vehicles.

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